Donating to The Rock

Donating to The Rock is an opportunity to make a real, positive impact in the lives of teens, seniors, and the community we serve! People like you are our lifeline. Our teens and community are depending on us, and we do not want to let them down! On behalf of the youth who benefit from the free programs at The Rock and the community we serve, THANK YOU!!!


All after school programs are FREE. All teens are welcome at The Rock Youth Center and parents are not asked to pay a program fee, but to make this work, we need your financial support. Can your family make a donation to help make sure we can be here for every teen who walks through our doors?


Our Need:

After 10 years, the fire barn that houses the robust and expanding programs of The Rock requires significant work to preserve the exterior of the building and maintain safety for all clients and volunteers. The building has suffered weather erosion issues that must be addressed. Although currently structural engineers have agreed the facility is structurally sound, all agree that this will not last with the current rate of building erosion. The architectural rendering helps illustrate how The Rock will look upon completion of the preservation work.

For more information about this important project, please contact:

Sharon Neumann SPMC AdvGRS
The Rock – Director of Programming & Communications

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