Incorporated in 2008 The Rock has interacted with teens well over 100,000 times with safe and structured afterschool programs …


Volunteering at THE ROCK is a rewarding experience! We value the contribution volunteers make to our youth and community programming …


At The Rock our youth program believes that all youth have amazing potential and that the values and skills learned are vital building blocks for life.


Work with our team to help plan and prepare for special events and fundraisers that support our ability to provide meaningful programming.


We need our youth to have someone to listen to, interact with and take interest in them. Relationships grow as volunteers are consistently available to play games, get students involved in ROCK activities, and have supportive friendly conversations with them.


Support our team by helping with mailings, print outs, data entry, Excel spreadsheets and other communication and office functions.

The climate that we live in has changed a lot and the consequences are horrifying

Oceans are being constantly polluted, and it is one of the biggest issues

Wild birds and animals need us to help them survive after the ecological crisis

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